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For years I always wondered what the best way to start my day was. Is there a specific order I should perform my daunting tasks? Brush my teeth before or after I shower? Make my bed after breakfast? Real grown-up shit.

After scouring the vast pages of articles, blogs and books I’ve finally discovered my daily routine to become mindful before venturing off to “The Land Down Under” Here are a few of my tricks that I’ve learned that will help you take a step in the right direction with a positive attitude and a body full of energy.


Before we dive in let’s make this first point extremely clear


Honestly... there’s no order in which you need to do your tasks in the morning. If you create a specific guideline for your morning routine you’re going to get stressed out and it’s going to start your day off with a sour taste in your mouth.


Try and get what you need done before you take your first step out of the house. Keep in mind, the tasks are important to be completed, but the chronological order isn’t necessary (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Transform your daily routines & rituals to your liking. Tailor it to your needs and get in the habit of executing these routines.


This sounds so silly, but after Naval Seal Admiral McRaven's speech on this, I had to test out the waters.  At the end of the day when I dive onto my bed (sometimes head first)  it makes it all worth it! This priority task helps you start your day off right. And of course it makes you look neat and tidy when you’re traveling with friends, or you have an unexpected guest over on a friday night.


Every person on this planet has their routine in the morning. Whether it be making a morning protein shake, boling water for tea, or making a quick coffee before running out the door. From my experience, blending up a quick protein shake and taking 10 minutes to relax and enjoy the most important meal is crucial. This get’s your day started right. Winning the morning is the derivative of winning the day.



 Not everyone has time to jot down some personal thoughts in the morning (especially when you’re on the road), but myself and friends have attributed this to starting the day with a clear mind, becoming more grateful and increasing happiness throughout the day. It doesn’t matter what your write, but typically I like to list my goals for the day, what I’m grateful for in my life, and a quote of the day.


As Plato once said

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”

Everyone has a busy morning, but from personal experience, if you go for a quick workout or cardio session it will set you up for success for the rest of your day.

Personally, I get my workout finished on an empty stomach, also known as fasted cardio. This boosts your metabolism and burns more fat than an ordinary workout. Pus. once you’ve finished your workout before the day starts, your mind can be at ease with itself.





 It’s completely up to you how you get ready in the morning. Shower, don’t shower, I don’t care. But after completing this ‘basic’ task, I’ve seen incredibly productive results with cognitive and physical function during the day. This essentially increases your heart-rate using hot water, helping your body burn more calories. Upon switching the water to cold, your body’s heart rate increases and helps your metabolism increase, burning excess fat. Plus, it wakes your the F*CK up!



For those of you that haven’t meditated before or haven’t heard of the application “Calm.” please download it. These short meditation exercises will literally change your life in so many more ways than you can possibly imagine.

As Tim Ferriss explains, “ It’s like taking a hot bath for your mind.” This will essentially fill your body with the perfect amount of oxygen and keep you relaxed for the majority of the day. If you feel like your heads going to explode half-way through the day, no problem. Simply open Calm and Bob’s your uncle.




You can perform your affirmations at any time during the day. Personally, I perform my affirmations in the shower while I’m stretching (Talk about multi-tasking).

Everyone has a different mission in life, and different affirmations they should perform. Depending on your current situation; whether that be financial, relationships, personal or spiritual. Here’s my daily affirmation.

“Today I am happy. I am grateful. I am joy. I am love. My mission is to make a positive impact everywhere I go and make the world a better place." 



 Whether it be scrambling up some eggs and salsa or munching down some almond butter in the morning, breakfast is the most important meal of the day to get you on the right path for success. Many skip breakfast for personal reasons, and I don’t judge. Do what you’d like with your first meal of the day.


Final Remarks

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post. You can tailor the order of your daily tasks to your liking. You can choose to leave some of these routines in or out. Mix it up and get yourself into a positive rhythm that will set yourself up for success. Finally, I find that when performing your routines and you get in a habit, you make a positive impact and maintain your “self” all day.

Thanks for reading. Please leave me a comment about your daily routines so we can share them with others.

From Bartender, to Blogger

For those of you that are working in the hospitality/service industry, I have an absolute, mad respect for you. If you are similar to me, I picked up bartending while I was in college and haven’t looked back since.


Bartending introduced a tremendous amount of skills that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. In this post I’m going to share with you the skills that you learn, and the shit you have to put up with (Don’t worry I’m not going to rant). With that being said, I’m also going to show you how to create your blog/vlog on the side, so you can work part-time while pursing your passions.

Check out my “Create a blog in 1 night” for more information.


First things first, what did we learn when we worked in the hospitality industry that will be able to directly correlate to blogging/vlogging? Here are just a few time get us started:


  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Social media skills
  • Cognitive skills / Memorization skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Cashout skills (Financial skills is a little over exaggerated).


Blogging/vlogging is unlimited in which passion you'd like to pursue. If you like surfing, you can make a blog/vlog. If you enjoy sewing or knitting, you can create a blog/vlog. No matter what you enjoy doing, I highly recommend you create your own personal blog for these 3 critical reasons.


  1. Recording and documenting your progress: The bullet says it all. Creating your own personal blog/vlog and expressing your passions through the online world opens up a tremendous amount of doors that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

  2. Learning New Skills: Creating your own blog/vlog gives you the opportunity to sharpen a large array of skills that you would otherwise never learn/ For example, creating a blog increase your knowledge in technical skills, marketing, social media marketing, typing and editing, photography, videography, graphic design and much more!

  3. Personal Development: Once you start your own project you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Shortly after creating my first blog, I learned how to express my message, which allowed me to become more confident and comfortable with myself. Moreover, it allowed me to translate these skills into my daily life.

Final remarks

Before you take off and “Create a blog in 1 night,” think long and hard on what you enjoy doing with your time. We all have something we spend our time thinking about. I challenge you to follow your passion and turn it into reality.

Please comment below and tell me your passion!



Packing Strategy

Hey guys & gals!

Before we start on the "Packing Strategy" let's summarize the categories for what we need for our journey:



Backpacks / Suitcase


Clothing / Gear


Camera / Video Gear (If you're into that kinda thing)




Medical items


Miscellaneous items


Backpacks / Suitcase

In my opinion, your backpack / suitcase should be tailored for your location. For example, If you're backpacking around Australia, you'd be better off bringing a 35L - 55L overnight packs.


Personally, I enjoy the MEC backpacks or if you're looking for your best bang for you buck check out the Oxking 50L. Conversely, if you're taking off to Europe for a vacation or swinging over to California to visit check out a Samsonite Aspire Xlite. This case will give you enough space for a comfortable trip.


Clothing / Gear

Here comes the fun part of the trip. This is the moment in time where you find out who you really are as a person. For me, turns out I have a hard time letting go pieces of clothing. Sometimes it’s time to hang up the old white v neck with stains all over it…



Let’s dive into an itemised list of what to pack. Keep in mind, tailor your list to your destined location. Please don’t pack a Canada Goose jacket if you’re going to Bali.


Here’s what I packed:

-3 bathing suits


-7 pairs of boxers


-7 pairs of socks


- 4 tank tops


- 1 t shirt


- 1 pair of khakis


- 1 pair of running shoes


- 1 pair of converse high tops


- 1 towel


Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Keep it simple. You’re bound to see an epic tank top or pair of board shorts you want for an unbeatable price. Think of the extra space in your bag as an investment. I cannot stress this enough.



When it comes to gear, everyone is different. Personally, I enjoy some extra electronics for the occasion (beach, house party etc..). Here’s what I fit into my bag.



Phone charger / universal plug-in


Laptop / charger


Headphones / Ear buds (Recommend buying cheap ones and replacing if needed)


Sound blade portable speaker


Gear fit 2 (tracking my workouts)


Universal adaptor: (Recommend you buy this at a discount tourist store i.e. $5.00).


If you are concerned about not packing enough, you can always purchase what you need at your destination. Now let's move into the camera/video gear.

Camera / Video Gear

Depending on the type of trip you are going on, you want to make sure you have the best camera for your style of shooting. Before I left to Australia, I had no skills whatsoever with photography, videography, graphic design or blogging for that matter. Having the proper camera will set you up for success for all of the latter categories.


If you’re on a travel budget and don’t have a pile of money sitting around for a new camera, start by using your iPhone or Android and practice importing photos and videos to your laptop.


On a side note: Depending on if you have a Macbook or a Windows OS, you can practice editing photos, videos and throwing in the odd graphic to sharpen your essential skills.


Currently, my primary camera is the Nikon D3200. This camera allows me to take great shots and record quality video content. It is quite bulky at the moment, so I’ll be looking towards the Sony RX100 IV for an agile point and shoot.


Secondary camera for video footage and occasional shots is the VTIN 2.0 1080P.  This cost me $55.00 and it works perfectly fine without spending $300.00 - $400.00 on a Go Pro. Perfect for starting out, and it comes with 16 customizable accessories.




Combing your smartphone, primary camera, and a secondary sport camera for underwater shots and outdoor sport shots will give you the necessary firepower to obtain quality content.


Now for the cool stuff...


If you’re like me and you’re just starting out, I’d recommend grabbing a selfie-stick from Amazon. This will allow you to get sweet shots if you’re walking around, rippin' around on a moped, or on top of a mountain.




For my primary Nikon D3200, I use the Insignia 58" Tripod. This purchase decision is up to you, but I'd highly recommend picking up a tripod. It will allow you to take some unreal photos and video feed without having a camera crew following you around.



The accessories I use for my sport camera came with 16 customizable mounts. In most cases, the distributor will provide you with a bike mount, helmet mount and additional mounts. However, if your camera didn’t come with extra gear, check these options out.




Don’t forget all the appropriate cords for importing your photos/videos. The last thing you want is to not be able to edit your photos/videos after your set.


At this point you have all of the essentials to start your adventure. All you need now is a case for your gear. I recommend Amazonbasics carrying case for an inexpensive option. This will give you the opportunity to stay active while getting shots on demand. Alternatively, I personally use Lowepro photo hatchback.

Keep in mind, these are delicate items that you want to keep safe. So don’t cheap out on the case. If you want to know how not to handle your cameras/ devices. Check out @caseynesitat VLOG_015 here.



In two words, I describe him as…"Totally Awesome.” Best inspirational Vlogger I’ve ever seen.

And if you’re interested in more motivational vlogggers/bloggers check out my “Top 10 inspirational Vloggers/Bloggers.”

Toiletries / Medical items

Let’s just state the obvious essentials

- Toothbrush/ toothpaste


-Dental floss








- Maintenance set (nail clippers, tweezers, etc…)


Please adhere to air plane laws, rules & guidelines. The last thing you want is airport security snooping through your stuff because you decided to bring a massive tube of toothpaste.


Miscellaneous items

These items can be anything from A - Z. Here are some items you may want to consider:

RFID wallet (Protecting credit card data)

ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID BLOCKING Money Clip - No.2

RFID wallet

Passport holder for security reasons

Hats / Beanies

Watches / Accessories 

Bottle opener / Corkscrew (You never know who may need a bartender).

Please comment below if you can think of any additional items that you’d recommend packing 🙂

Final Remarks

Let’s all keep in mind that packing is extremely important before you take off for a trip. Preparation is key to “winning” a trip. If you can win the trip, you win experience, and the perks that come along with it.


As mentioned before, pack only what you need. As my Mom once told me:

“At the end of the day, as long as you have your passport and your bank card, you’ll be fine.”


Thanks for the words of encouragement Mom.


Although I joke about this, it’s true. If you lose your luggage, or a catastrophic event happens (knock on wood), make sure to double check to keep your passport and important cards on you at all time. Even if you’re taking a bus ride.


Please don’t leave your important documents where the can be misplaced. Accidents do happen.


Thank you all for reading and please subscribe to my email list. I will send you updates on more guides and adventures.